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Traditional Painted Kitchens Surge in Popularity

Monday, April 18, 2016  ‹ Back To Weekly News List

The last month or so by far the most requested kitchens are painted traditional style kitchens. Shaker style comes top of the list for door design with raised and fielded doors coming a short distance behind. The most popular colours are the various shades of off white and oyster but there is a strong interest in bolder colours too such as blues and greens. Quite often the designs include a combination of colours which works really well with the country style designs. A bold colour will make a dramatic statement so it is wise to make sure you pick your colours carefully. With such a choice of colours the doors are generally made to order so be aware there are extended lead times on the painted doors.

Greys are also in fashion at the moment whether it is a slate grey or a light grey. With grey kitchen doors it is important to add some warmth or colour with the design. Natural woods work well as do colourful accent colours.

There is a fantastic array of feature units that work well with the rustic styles such as plate racks, pull out wicker baskets and open shelving units which all add to the overall look. The right handles also really add to the effect with cup handles (either polished or antique style) on the drawers really setting off the units well.